About Great North: Music and Arts Festival


Great North was born in September 2013 and has grown into one of Maine’s largest annual music festivals, featuring performers and artists from around the globe.  One of the northeast’s hidden gems, this multi-cultural grassroots gathering has emerged as a front-runner among other events of its stature. Great North draws attendees from coast to coast to indulge in some of the world’s premiere music, while being submerged into a plethora of visual art created by some of today's most influential visionaries.  


Our Mission


We strive to provide a unique and diverse event with equal focus on both music and visual art; an event where artists from around the world can gather and perform in an intimate setting, deep in the woods of Maine.  Our pledge is to bring music, arts, and opportunity for adventure to the state of Maine in order to provide a platform to help strengthen our community.



Great North Music and Arts Festival

695 Woodman Hill Rd, Minot, ME 04258