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Great North Rules & Guidelines

At Great North we are committed to providing a relaxed atmosphere, but there are certain rules and guidelines we must abide by in order to ensure a safe and fun festival for everyone.  Please help us help you by keeping fire lanes clear, notifying staff of any hazards, and communicating in times of distress were on the same team! Look out for one another, stay hydrated, take breaks, wear sunscreen, watch out for moose and most of all, have fun!



Absolutely NO PETS allowed on the festival grounds or parking lots (qualified service animals permitted with proper paperwork). This will be strictly enforced.

ŸMain Concert Field Guidelines

  • No cans or glass.
  • ŸNo outside beverages. Exceptions:
  • Ÿ   Sealed water bottles
  • Ÿ   Kids juice/milk boxes/baby formula
  • Ÿ   One drink in a cup (16 oz or under) per person
  • Ÿ   Empty water bottles. Ample potable water hydration stations provided.
  • Ÿ  No large coolers (soft-sided lunch sized permitted).
  • Ÿ  No chairs higher than 18 in front of sound board
  • Ÿ  Please remove all personal possessions after each nights performance.
  • Ÿ  No kazoos between 4pm and 7pm, except if you are playing hot cross buns
  • Ÿ  No fireworks, seriously, don't bring them
  • Ÿ  No counter-clockwise hula-hooping between 7am and 9am.
  • Ÿ  No campfires or charcoal grills (cook stoves OK).
  • Ÿ  No video recording of any performances
  • Ÿ  No bats I the belfry
  • Ÿ  No motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, segways).
  • Ÿ  No unauthorized vending if youre not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds. Violators are subject to confiscation and/or ejection.
  • Ÿ  No laser pens or similar focused-light devices.
  • Ÿ  No polka dots in the food court.
  • Ÿ  No professional photography equipment or cameras with detachable lenses.
  • Ÿ  No unauthorized motorized and/or remote control aerial devices, toys, cameras or equipment (drones, toy planes, etc.).
  • Ÿ  No confetti, please (every piece needs to get picked up!).
  • Ÿ  Prohibited items may be added to this list at any time if necessary.


  • Ÿ  “Point-and-shoot” cameras without additional lenses and cell phone cameras are permitted.
  • Ÿ  Bring warm clothes (nights can get chilly)
  • Ÿ  Festive clothing and fun costume wear strongly encouraged.  

In addition to guidelines all Festival attendees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG SALES (including nitrous oxide) tolerated anywhere on the festival site or annexed properties. Anyone caught selling or distributing illicit substances will immediately have their wristband cut and be ejected from the festival. Please be aware of this and use common sense. if it's illegal outside the festival, its illegal inside, too.


Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but be proactive about the security of your belongings. Leave your campground empty, dont bring what you cannot afford to lose and be sure to look after one another. If youre concerned about valuables in your tent, you might consider using a small padlock or locking it in your vehicle.


Medical professionals are on-site 24 hours a day.

In an emergency, if youre not near a medical tent, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest Event Staff personnel. Tip If youre not sure whether its an emergency, assume it is and get help right away.



Ÿ   What will the weather be like for Great North?

  • Ÿ The fall in Maine is absolutely beautiful! The weather is usually mild 60-80° during the day and cooling off at night. Make sure to bring warm clothes as the night time temperatures can drop into the 40's.
  • Ÿ Also be sure to bring rain gear for yourself and your campsite in the event of foul weather.

Ÿ    Where is the new site for Great North?

  • Ÿ This year we are very excited to show you our new home at Hemond'sMoto X Park in Minot, ME. The venue is located at 695 Woodman Hill rd, Minot, ME 04248. For exact directions please click our Google map link at the bottom of the page.

Ÿ   Where is the nearest town with shopping needs?

  • ŸMinot is located approximately 15 minutes from the Lewiston/Auburn area which boasts all modern conveniences including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Hannaford etc. There are also several hotel options

Ÿ    If I car camp, can I leave and return to my spot?

  • ŸThere will be no reentry for vehicles. If you leave during the event you will have to purchase a new car camping pass and it is not guaranteed that you will get back to your original spot. Please come prepared for the entire weekend.

Ÿ   Is there a general store on site?

  • ŸYes! Mr B's Festival Needs will be open 24 hours and centrally located on site.

Ÿ   Can I bring a dirt bike to ride on the moto x course?

  • ŸAbsolutely not, unless your name is Travis Pastrana

Ÿ   Are there any hotel options?

  • ŸThis year Great North is partnering with The Residence Inn by Marriott in Auburn, ME. There will be discounted rooms available through our ticketing site. There are several other hotel options available as well.

Ÿ   Is there a shuttle from the hotel to the venue?

  • ŸThere will be a weekend shuttle available for an additional fee.
  • ŸShuttle hours will be announced by September 1

Ÿ   Where is the medical tent?

  • ŸMedical services will be available throughout the entirety of the event. The main medical tent will be located next to festival headquarters by the main stage. A detailed festival map will be available by September 1.

Ÿ   Can I vend out of my campsite?

  • ŸIf you wish to vend without a traditional vendor spot, you must purchases a roving vendor permit for $250. Anyone caught vending without a permit will be subject to confiscation and our ejection from the event.

Ÿ   What happens if I hop a fence?

  • ŸIf you decide to hop a fence even it's just to cut through an area to save time you will lose your festival wristband. Please respect all boundaries at all times. If you try to sneak in to the event you will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. So please, don't do that, we don't want to ruin your future and neither do you.

Ÿ   When can we gain access to the festival grounds?

  • ŸMain gates open at 10am Friday, September 9th

Ÿ   Is there early entry?

  • ŸYes, there will be early access available on Thursday for an additional $20 per person. There will be Thursday night entertainment which will be announced shortly.

Ÿ   Do we have to leave Sunday night?

  • ŸNo. All festival attendees are welcome to stay until Monday at noon. Please clean up after yourselves and leave your space how you found it. Remember to pack your belongings wisely as you are returning to the "real" world



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